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*'''Address''': http://creaturecity.albia2000.com/
*'''Web address''': http://creaturecity.albia2000.com/
*'''Webmaster''': [[RedDragon]]
*'''Webmaster''': [[RedDragon]]
*'''Contributors/Staff''': [[Lord Zasz]], [[Tomecko]]
*'''Contributors''': [[Lord Zasz]], [[Tomecko]]
*'''Ran from/to dates''': 2003 - Current
*'''Ran from/to''': 2003 - Current
==Summary of Content==
== Summary of Content ==
The [[Wingie]] and [[Half-breed]] [[breed]]s.
The [[Wingie]] and [[Half-breed]] [[breed]]s, as well as the [http://creaturecity.proboards21.com Creature City Forum].

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Summary of Content

The Wingie and Half-breed breeds, as well as the Creature City Forum.