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Creatchi is a feature of the website Creatures Caves. Created by Rascii with sprites by Ghosthande, it is an online virtual pet game that lets you take care of a Nornchi, Ettinchi or Grendelchi (the equivalent of Norns, Ettins and Grendels). They have a full life cycle including breeding and death.

Creatchi Care

Similarly to a virtual pet, a Creatchi has needs that go down over time, and it's up to its owner to take care of them. These are needs are: Fun, hunger, social, health and energy. The items needed to take care of them can be found by contributing posts and other content around the Creatures Caves website.

Creatchi Mart

The Creatchi Mart and coinchi were introduced in April 2014. All users start off with a balance of 20 coinchi, which can be found randomly around Creatures Caves, or excess items may be sold back to the mart for more coinchi.

Notable Creatchis

First 1st Gens

Nornchi: Starbuck
Ettinchi: Ukyo
Grendelchi: Cody

First 10th Gens

Nornchi: Jaysie and Domino
Ettinchi: Basil and Maika
Grendelchi: Thyme and Ella Guru

First 20th Gens

Nornchi: Brunnera and Shallow
Ettinchi: (None at the moment)
Grendelchi: Ciel and Beowulf

First 30th Gens

Nornchi: (None at the moment)
Ettinchi: (None at the moment)
Grendelchi: (None at the moment)

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