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CptSiskoX and his Avenger Squadron have been largely forgotten since he appeared on the scene in early 1998. Many still feel strongly about what he did. It is known that before he began causing trouble in the Creatures Community, he was a regular poster on alt.games.creatures.

In the autumn of 1998 CptSiskoX began attacking various members of the community by all means at his disposal. His list of "targets" included:

Most people ignored the situation until CptSiskoX and his Avenger Squadron managed to remove websites and get internet accounts cancelled by claiming false violation of service agreements. Mannkind, Ping, Ali, Emy, mumblebox, spEEdy and NORNGod were all affected by this. The removals were tracked at the Avenger Squadron homepage.

In JRChat, anyone mentioning his name was instantly suspect. Spam on newsgroups became so bad that many abandoned them altogether for a time. Indeed, a company spokesperson even posted suggestions to ignore and then (a few days later) a rather stressed warning message which some people misunderstood.

However, the problem was resolved after mumblebox tracked down CptSiskoX - who he discovered to be a 15-year-old - to his school and actually had him arrested (for trademark and copyright violations, of all things). Spam persisted for a short time but without a leader the group lost its drive.