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Corona Development

Corona is still an active development group which formed in early August 2004. They worked on their first metaroom together - the Garbage Dump - which was developed specially for Toxic Norns.


The development group Corona oddly enough announced themselves on the day of a solar eclipse; hence their name, and followed quickly the next day with the release of their first metaroom, the aforementioned Garbage Dump. The beautiful graphics were produced by the team's graphics artist Moe who had worked closely with edash since October 2002 on a project called The Canopy. AquaShee joined the group in August, two years later; the three members combined chose a name and began work on some of the projects and agents that you find around the Creatures Community today.

Finished Projects

Corona finished their first project and released it on October 15th 2004. It can be downloaded from Corona website (listed below)


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