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The Cornucopia dispenser with its bubbles and edibles

A magical horn of plenty that has... bubbles! Also comes with a bubble remover.

The Cornucopia dispenser, by Hausmouse, releases a feast of food, fruit and seeds into your world, along with several toy bubbles, each time it is activated by the hand or pushed by a creature. All of the fruit produced by the Cornucopia have beneficial chemical side effects, such as vitamin E, vitamin C, antihistamines, increasing fertility or providing antibodies. A complete list of the fruit and their effects can be found in the readme file. The food (Shee and rainbow cheese and pies) and the seeds (beans and popcorn) have the normal effect of providing starch or fat. The bubbles make great toys and can be popped if hit or if they bounce off too many surfaces. The agent self-limits the number of edibles that can be in the world at any one time and the number of bubbles, so if your creatures have a "push vendor" obsession, you won't be buried in a mountain of food and toys.

The Cornucopia can be downloaded from Creatures Caves and Eemfoo.org.

This agent is compatible with OS X