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Cookie Maker

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Quick Info[edit]

  • Name: CookieMaker
  • Program Type: Game related Utility.
  • Lead Programmer: GameFreak
  • Version: Public BETA 1.2.4


CookieMaker is a program that allows people to make quirky cookie recipes easily by filling in information into a GUI program. The program got 4 out of 5 stars at brothersoft.com.

You can download CookieMaker from GameFreak's Lab, or a slightly older version from Brothersoft.

First, the user specifies the catalogue name for their cookie recipe. Then they fill out the classification for up to three ingredients and up to three chemical injections. The user can choose between a normal, iced, or custom-appearance cookie, including tint. The last step is for naming and choosing a secondary stimulus, as well as for adding it to the game - note that a stimulus must be chosen or the Cookie Maker will crash on attempting to install the recipe.

Known Bugs[edit]

A secondary stim must be selected from the 'Select one' box on the final screen.

Source Code[edit]

Source code is not available for download to save
bandwidth and storage space, however I will send it to
anyone who asks for it.