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Comms Room

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Favorite places icon for the Comms room

The Docking Station Comms Room (short for Communications Room) handles, among other things, the injection of agents. To inject an agent, select the button on the left that looks like a sun, the fourth one from the top. Select the agent you want to inject from the list (you can use the arrows to the left and right to scroll if there are more than ten agents in the list), and press the green tick to inject the agent. When you are in the injector function, a small "C3" logo will appear on the far right side of the injector screen; you can click this to toggle between agents that are designed for Docking Station and agents that are designed for Creatures 3.

The communications panel in all its glory.

Another useful feature of the Comms Room is the Docking Station Contact List, the top button. Here you can see everyone you've ever sent a creature to or received a creature from, or added to your contact list some other way. By clicking on the face to the right of the contact's name, you can change their status from neutral to friend to enemy and back to neutral. Contacts marked as enemies will not be able to send you norns. The bar to the right of the face indicates the status of the contact: green means online, while orange means offline.

The second button from the top is the Message Center. From here you can send messages to other users, or read messages they've sent you. The instructions are printed on the page, so you should have no trouble using it.

The injector function being used to inject the Portal Radio agent. The green tick will inject an agent and the red button will remove the agent selected in the list.

The third button from the top is Docking Station Chat. This tool allows you to chat in (almost) real-time with other online users. As the message center, the chat function of the Comms room is fairly easy to work out.

The second button from the bottom, the circled exclamation mark, is the options panel. This page lets you view and change settings that relate to the notifications below the Favourite place list one receives on warp and life events.

The last button simply contains links. Most of them don't work any more, though, with the closure of Gameware services.