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Combination lobe

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In Creatures Evolution Engine creatures, the combination lobe is where decisions are made. Each row represents an action, and each column represents an object class, so a single neuron represents the decision to perform a particular action to a particular object class. For example, there is a neuron for eating food. Each neuron has inputs from several drives, with both negative and positive weight, representing the creature's current beliefs about which decisions alleviate which drives. Each neuron also has an input from the vision lobe neuron corresponding to its row's object, weighted so that the creature is more reluctant to try to manipulate more distant objects, all else being equal; and from the verb and noun lobe lobe neurons corresponding to its row and column, which causes the creature to prefer decisions that involve objects and actions that have been talked about recently; and from the smell lobe, which also affects the creature's interest in each object class.

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