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Chronology Series

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Lis Morris


This series, set in a fictional sixth incarnation of the Creatures series, followed the trials and tribulations of two special norns named Chris and Annie.

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Other Notes

The stories were written when Lis Morris first heard about C2 and theorized what future editions of Creatures may have. The four stories, A Switch in Time, The Power of the Past, Future's Shadow (these first three known as the Chronology Trilogy) and Our Present Incarnations can all be found at Alex's Creatures (direct link).

(Malkin: Included in this series is a prototypical Wolfling Mode.)

Cast & Characters

Highly incomplete and contains spoilers

  • Annie - A norn who is very curious and likes to draw. She was selected by the Hand to take part in an experiment to see how a norn from her game could live in the Creatures 1 Albia. Unfortunately, this results in her mind decaying until she starts to act like the C1 norns. It's revealed to Chris by the Hand that Annie is something called a test tube norn.
  • Chris the Hand Norn - A norn who cares for the welfare of other norns and is in love with Annie, facts that he tries to keep secret because he believes these emotions make him a mutant and thus be killed because of it.
  • David the Hand - David is the Hand in this story.
  • David the Norn - The son of Annie and Chris.
  • Christoo - A norn that Annie befriended during her stay in the Albia of years gone by.
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