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ChiChi Norn

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Creatures 3 / Docking Station Breed
ChiChi Norn

ChiChi Norn

Breed Slot Norn Slot D
Species Norn
Creator Creature Labs
Genome Genome: norn.chichi06.ex47.gen

The ChiChi Norn is the only breed that is included with Docking Station. It is also included in bundles which include Docking Station, including the Creatures Internet Edition, Creatures Gold and Creatures Exodus box sets.

Third-party developers are permitted to base new breeds on the ChiChi Norn, but not breeds sold at the Creatures Mall.


ChiChi Norns feature a different genome than the preceding official Creatures 3 norn breeds. They have a preference towards gadgets and machinery, like portals.


ChiChi Norns feature repeatedly in the Docking Station Story. They were brought with the Lone Shee when he took off with the Capillata from Albia. In the story, ChiChi norns are used as the basis for the Zebra, Astro, Harlequin and Fallow norn breeds. This is reflected in-game: all of these breeds use the ChiChi genome.

Variant Breeds[edit]

These breeds all derive their sprites from the ChiChi Norns and visibly resemble ChiChis.


A copy for backup purposes can be downloaded at Eemfoo.org.


ChiChi Norn in-game sprites
Male ChiChi Norn

See also[edit]

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