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Chemical concoction machine

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Chemical Concoction Machine

The chemical concoction machine is a machine found in Creatures 2, near the Shee Statue. It is capable of producing 40 different chemicals, and up to four can be used in a single potion.Source Each chemical is dispensed with a concentration of 50.Source

The player clicks the green, red, blue or yellow button a certain number of times to choose the desired chemical, and then places a silver flask under the red wheel on the vat. The player then clicks the silver wheel on the vat to fill the flask.

level of fluid Green Red Blue Yellow
0 <none> <none> <none> <none>
1 Pain Boredom Starch Histamine A
2 Need for Pleasure Anger Fat Histamine B
3 Hunger Sex drive Protein Sleep Toxin
4 Coldness Injury Water Fever Toxin
5 Hotness Suffocation Belladonna Insulin
6 Tiredness Thirst Geddonase Glycogen Synthetase
7 Sleepiness Stress Glycotoxin Dehydrogenase
8 Loneliness DecASH 2 Alcohol Prostaglandin
9 Crowded ConASH Vitamin E EDTA
10 Fear DecASH 1 Vitamin C Sodium thiosulphite

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