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Cheese Cheese is a staple of any Creature's diet, and can be found in all versions of the Creatures series. Resembling a wedge of our earthly Swiss cheese, Albian cheese is one of the most nutritional natural food sources available in the series. Cheese is a non-replenishable food source.

In Creatures

Spotling's Many Cheese COB

The wedges of cheese available in Creatures are the most nutritious natural sources of food in the game.

Several wedges are scattered throughout the world when the game is first started, and 10 more are available in the Health Kit. However, once these supplies are depleted, the only way to replenish them is to use an Emergency Kit supplied with a later version of Creatures, or to import a cheese dispenser COB downloaded from one of several community websites.

Pictured at right is Spotling's 'Many Cheese' COB, which supplies a string of nutritious cheese across the lower levels of Creatures' Albia. Also pictured is a Forest Norn cross-breed.

In Creatures 2

Cheese is made available in Creatures 2 via dispensers placed throughout Albia. Its nutritional value is somewhat less than that of the cheese provided in the original Creatures; however, it remains a reliable source of nutrition.

In Creatures 3 and Docking Station

Cheese found in Creatures 3/Docking Station is dispensed from vendors found throughout the ship, and has a lower nutritional value than the cheese from the original Creatures.