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Chani Elizabeth Armitage, known just as Chani or Chani3 to community members, is a Canadian Creatures 3rd-party developer for Creatures 3 and Docking Station. Her website is Caisleáin Uaine. She also created and programmed the Edynn project. Older nicknames that were used briefly when I was a newbie include emeraldnorn and lizz

There are a number of expressions unique to Chani and those around her:

  • Blaa -- Meaning varies greatly depending on context and punctuation. Can be a sign of happiness.
  • Evyl -- Often used with banana. Chani is apt to say "I'm an evyl banana".
  • Byee -- Her signature parting phrase.
  • Ywan -- A consistently and purposely misspelled yawn.

Chani also has a wiki, which may have helped to inspire the creation of this Creatures Wiki.

Contact info:

  • icq #52009835
  • msn nornish3 at yahoo.co.uk
  • jabber chani at jabber.org
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also, I'm at BCIT right now, taking Computer Systems. I'll graduate in may... until then I probably won't be around much... and I'm far too lazy to actually keep a wiki updated :) --Chani