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Remember, grendels are people too . . .

The Creatures Community is based on people. Without people, there would be no community. So here is a section all about the people that make up this corner of the Internet of ours, past and present.

If someone has made a difference in the CC (including you!), then it is worth remembering who they are, so here is your chance to do so - just create a page about them, and then add: [[Category:People]] to the end (if they're an employee, put [[Category:Employees]] too - same for fiction writer, developer, etc). If you have a photo or user picture/icon for them, upload it and put it in Category:Photos of people or Category:User pictures respectively, then link to it from the page you write.

Scroll down to see people already added. You might also find the list of Creatures Wiki user pages useful.

People to add[edit]

If anyone wants to, add the following people and then remove them from this list, or add someone you think should be here, and then write an article about them! Feel free to write about yourself (preferably in third-person :-):



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