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Catalogue files

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Catalogues are a way of storing data about/for an agent in an easy, accessible manner. Here's how it works.


The creation of a catalogue file is very simple: just write the catalogue and save it with a .catalogue extension in the Catalogue folder.

The format of a catalogue file is as follows:

TAG "tagname"
"first field"
"second field"

Remember that if you want the .catalogue file distributed it with your agent, you have to include it in your PRAY file with the dependency category specified and the inline FILE command linking it into the agent, or easyPRAY can do it for you.

Agent Help

The most common use of Catalogue files is for writing Agent help for agents. Here's how.

TAG "Agent Help <family> <genus> <species>"
"Agent name"
"Agent description"

Other uses

You can use the catalogue system for other things, such as multi-lingual agents, or arbitrary text or values the agent should read. You can do this with the READ command. Beware, when you do this, all catalogue files are searched, so name your tags thoughtfully.