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Canny Norn

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Canny Norn brain in the Neuroscience Kit

The Canny Norn genome was an attempt by Chris Double and Lis Morris to overcome the shortcomings (including OHSS) of the Creatures 2 norn genome by way of genetic engineering to create a new genome. It includes new brain lobes. In this they are similar to the Nova Subterra project.

The Akamai Canny Norns are an improved version of the Canny Norns, and as such cannot be interbred with the standard 256 genome or the Nova Subterra genome.

Canny Norns have three new lobes, the Echo, Search and Choice Lobes which enable them to:

  1. Identify a need, and learn what object is needed to satisfy the need
  2. Deduce what effect a particular object on a particular action has
  3. Search for the the object they're interested in at the time

A total of 79 alterations were made to the original Norn genome for the Canny Norn genome. The improved Akamai Canny Norns have an even larger concept lobe, improved memory, and a longer life expectancy of ten hours rather than five.

JayD made another version of the Canny Norns with some tweaks to fix wallbonking. They are available to download in creature form via an archive of his website, in a genome file format via Creatures Caves, and donate their genetic material to the Sperm Pack COB.

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