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*[[Mandy's Creatures]]
*[[Mandy's Creatures]]
*[[The Daily Omelette]]
*[[The Daily Omelette]]
*[[Creatures Mainframe]]
*[[C2 Back]]
*[[C2 Back]]
*[[Artie's Creatures]]
*[[Artie's Creatures]]

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Summary of Content

Edynn is probably the biggest thing on here, but there are also the Edible Beach Ball and Edible Cactus for C2, and the following agents:

C3/DS Agents

C3-only Agents

DS-only Agents

Also has agent conversions of these C2 COBs from Feral Farms:

Hosted Sites

History of Website

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Interesting Facts

  • Caisleáin Uaine is "Castle Green" (or "Green Castle") in the Irish language.