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CAOS Debugger

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The CAOS Debugger is a Windows program developed by Creature Labs to let you browse running agents, inspect their variables, and step through code as they run. It can also monitor output from DBG: OUTV and DBG: OUTS, and do some other fancy things. Originally intended only for internal use, it has since been released for free, but it is somewhat buggy (for instance, dragging the splitter widget crashes it).


  • Monitor Window: This displays the debug log. This is very useful for debugging, as you can have agents output variables or text strings to figure out where something has gone awry.
  • Agent Menu: Displays every agent in the world, sorted by the classification system and then by individual agent. You can double-click on an individual agent to see its position and targ in the left pane; other variables can be monitored by right-clicking and adding them. In the right pane, you can see where the agent is in any script it is currently running. If you right-click -> 'Follow agent's code', it will pause the game whenever the agent runs a script and step through it a single line at a time, making it easier to see what is happening since most scripts go by very quickly.
  • Debug Menu: Pause/unpause the game and manually advance the game by one tick. This can be used with the agent menu to step through a script one line at a time.
  • Global Watch: Monitor the number of agents in the game and potentially other variables that are not agent-specific.
  • Hot Watch: Brings up the agent menu for the hots agent (the one hovered over by the hand).

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