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Age 26
Member Since 25 January 2008
Website The Norn Nebula
Favourite Creatures game Creatures 2
Location England, United Kingdom

C-Rex is a Creatures player from the UK, who initially registered with Docking Station in early 2004 under the username Neochao, but (regrettably) didn't become an actual member of the Creatures Community until 2008. From 2008 to 2013, C-Rex created six genetic breeds for both C2 and C3/DS, although now considers himself semi-retired from genetic engineering due to a lack of time.

C-Rex has been running a Creatures blog/website, The Norn Nebula, since 2009, although from 2017 onward it has entered a hiatus. In his free time, C-Rex enjoys drawing, 3D modelling, writing, and playing video games. He also runs a YouTube gaming channel, and helps run the Norn Nebula's Discord Server and r/Creaturesgames subreddit.

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