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Snowmen in Chione - Courtesy of Grendel Man !

The Build-a-Snowman agent is a bit of festive fun created by Laura, with sprites by Mea and additional coding by Papriko. It was released on Christmas Eve 2013, and can be downloaded from Creatures Caves, and also at Eemfoo.org.

Once injected, this agent has everything for your decorative needs, including individual snowball, coal, carrot and stick dispensers. In order to create a snowman, the snowballs can be stacked, while clicking on them increases their size. The sticks, carrots and pieces of coal can then be placed onto the snowman in any way the Hand desires. The carrots are also edible, so be sure to watch them around your Norns!

Did you know? The original concept was thought up by Laura's father.

Please note that this agent is in its beta stage, so it still has bugs present. However, some of these are unavoidable, due to the constraints of the Docking Station engine.