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A breed is a type of creature with its own unique sprites in the Creatures series of games - either a norn, ettin or grendel. Each breed takes up a breed slot, so there can only be a finite number of breeds installed per game. (Although, theoretically, an infinite amount of breeds could be created!) There are both official and unofficial breeds for each game, of varying quality - some are just sprite recolourings with standard genomes, while others are fully-fledged projects with new sprites, genomes, accompanying COBs/agents and even whole worlds/metarooms to host the breed.

One Creatures Breed requires:

  • 384 Heads (6 expressions, 4 angles, 4 directions, 2 eye states, 2 genders.)
  • 80 body sprites (4 angles, 4 directions, female (x4) and male)
  • 192 legs (4 angles, 4 directions for left and right thighs, shins and feet, 2 genders)
  • 128 arms (4 angles, 4 directions, left and right, upper and lower, 2 genders)
  • 64 Tails (4 angles, 4 directions, root and tip, 2 genders)


  • Subtotal: 848 parts per Lifestage
  • Standard number of lifestages: 4 (Baby/Child, Adolesent/Youth, Adult, Old/Ancient)
  • Total Number of sprites for one breed: 3,344

If you did the math you'd come out to 3,392, but Baby sprites only need two sets of body sprites and not five, which is reflected in the total above.

Compare with genetic breed, species.

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