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*It can be downloaded from [[Caisleáin Uaine]], Chani's [http://uaine.chani3.com/ website]. Just click on DS, then BrambooVend.zip
*It can be [https://web.archive.org/web/20160917042426/http://uaine.chani3.com:80/DS/ downloaded] from [[Caisleáin Uaine]], Chani's website.
[[Category:DS Agents]][[Category:DS Vendors]]
[[Category:DS Agents]]
[[Category:DS Vendors]]

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The Bramboo Vendor is a vendor for DS or DS docked with C3, created by Chani (CAOS) and Random (sprites). Push it to vend a wide variety of colorful bramboo fruit for your creatures! Compare with Growing Bramboo Vendor.