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Borg Norn

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The Borg norns were originally created for Creatures 2 by Johannes Dams. BioLab has also made BorgNorns for Creatures 3 and Docking Station.

They're based on the Borgs from Star Trek, and have many unique qualities; as the ST. Borgs, they assimilate other creatures, giving them much of their own genetics. This ensures the Borg Norns to multiply fast, as the assimilated creatures soon starts assimiltating others. Norns, grendels, ettins and geats are all vulnerable to assimilation. (An assimilated Gaia often looks hillarious.) Furthermore, a Borg creature has the ability to teleport, and in the swift of a cloud it may suddenly be located in another floor, or even another metaroom.

The Borg society is made up by a queen and her "minions" - the drones. Italic text(more info needed here)Italic text

For a Borg norn to gain energy, it teleports itself into a chamber where all basic needs are satisfied. Italic text(more info needed here)Italic text

The C2 Borg norn comes with sprites, while the C3 BorgNorns use the Bengal norn appearance.

The BioLab team, that made the C3/DS BorgNorns consists of: Alex Twigg - CAOS Antti Valli - CAOS/Art-Sprites Russell S/nillion42 - CAOS Sean (BioNorn) - Genetics/Art-Sprites Tina Hirsch - CAOS/Programming/Linux Version

Italic textThis still needs a lot of work.Italic text