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BiOsPhErE Six-Pack

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The BiOsPhErE Six-Pack consists of:

Blood Drink

looks bad but is good for them

Carmal Apple

to make sick norns healthy

Chocolate Milk

for your Norns that are tired of Dutch Milk.

Football Chocolate

for your Norns to play with or eat

Gold Nugget Chocolate Bar

is a gleaming treat for your Norns, and a


lets them eat cake.

Original Author was mainly Stefan Kuske, edited by BiOsPhErE then re-edited and re-classed by Kingtut.

Graphics by BiOsPhErE.

It uses the C1 class numbers:

  • Blood Drink 2 6 50
  • Carmal Apple 2 6 51
  • Chocolate Milk 2 6 52
  • Football Chocolate 2 6 53
  • Gold Nugget Chocolate 2 6 54
  • Twinkie 2 6 55

And is available from Kingtut's Creatures Place, Eemfoo.org, and Norntropolis among others.