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BiOsPhErE Six-Pack

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The BiOsPhErE Six-Pack consists of:

Blood Drink[edit]

looks bad but is good for them

Carmal Apple[edit]

to make sick norns healthy

Chocolate Milk[edit]

for your Norns that are tired of Dutch Milk.

Football Chocolate[edit]

for your Norns to play with or eat

Gold Nugget Chocolate Bar[edit]

is a gleaming treat for your Norns, and a


lets them eat cake.

Original Author was mainly Stefan Kuske, edited by BiOsPhErE then re-edited and re-classed by Kingtut.

Graphics by BiOsPhErE.

It uses the C1 class numbers:

  • Blood Drink 2 6 50
  • Carmal Apple 2 6 51
  • Chocolate Milk 2 6 52
  • Football Chocolate 2 6 53
  • Gold Nugget Chocolate 2 6 54
  • Twinkie 2 6 55

And is available from Kingtut's Creatures Place, Eemfoo.org, and Norntropolis among others.