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Bengal des Neiges

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Bengals des Neiges

The Bengal des Neiges, (Translated: "Bengal of Snows") are a breed for C3/DS based on the Bengal Norns. They were created by Chichi from Creaturesfrance, and occupy Ettin Slot O. Two versions were created. V1 has grey Bengal sprites with different colored eyes and was created in 2005. V2 has white Bengal sprites and black eyes.

You can find the download for V2 here.

V1 was formerly available from membres.multimania.fr/creaturesfrance/CFforums/viewtopic.php?t=889&sid=5e6d318ce926dff8a87f4fcb910c4921.

Both versions were temporarily available at Norn with Tourette's.

In August of 2010, a patch was created by Silvak, which added colored eyes and mouths to V2, and can be found here.