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==See also==
==See also==
*[[BHVR (C1)]]
*[http://songua.com/creatures/caosapps/ CAOS APPS] - online BHVR calculator.
*[http://songua.com/creatures/caosapps/ CAOS APPS] - online BHVR calculator.
[[category:C3 CAOS Commands]]
[[category:C3 CAOS Commands]]

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BHVR is a CAOS command used to output or change the creatures permissions (things creatures can do) of an agent. Each permission is set by a particular number - the final BHVR number is the sum of those permissions.

BHVR for Input[edit]

Syntax: BHVR binary_flags(int)

Standalone command.
Sets the permissions of the current TARG to what you specify with 'binary_flags', this must be a single number that is the total of the flags you have chosen.
Creatures can do the following if the flag is used:
1 - Activate 1.
2 - Activate 2.
4 - Deactivate.
8 - Hit.
16 - Eat.
32 - Pickup.

BHVR for Output[edit]

Syntax: BHVR

Used in place of a numeric constant or variable.
Returns the BHVR number of the current TARG.


ATTR being used in the command line to set the permissions of HOTS (can be picked up and pushed):


Being used in the command line to output the permissions of HOTS:


See also[edit]