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Attention lobe

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The Attention lobe has a size of 40 neurons.

Whenever a nearby object makes a sound or is seen to move, this lobe is signalled, and the object which is the most interesting over a period of time gains the creature's focus.

This lobe receives input signals from the the Concept lobe, in which signals from the different sense lobes and the Verb lobe have previously been combined. The different inputs of one neuron are summed up and the neuron with the highest activity is selected to actually specify the object of attention of the creature. In Creatures 1 and Creatures 2 this behavior is achieved by the "Winner takes all (WTA)" flag in this Lobe's gene. In Creatures 3 this is done by special SVRules.

Possible meanings might include:

The output of the neurons in this lobe is directly used by the Creatures engine to set the creatures's attention to a specific object.

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