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Arrows Patch

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The Arrows Patch is a .cos file which restores lost functionality to the Macintosh Creatures Evolution Engine for C3 and DS. It is only useful for the Macintosh version, as it reinstates keyboard commands which exist in the Windows version.

To use Arrows, first get into the package contents for DS or C3 by selecting the application icon and Control clicking, then choosing "Show Package Contents". Next, open the following:

  • For DS - Contents/MacOS/data/Bootstrap/010 Docking Station folder.
  • For C3 - Contents/MacOS/data/Bootstrap/001 World folder.

Place the Arrows.cos file into the listed folder. Launch C3 or DS, and load your world of choice. Open the CAOS command line (Shift + Control + C) and type in this:

ject "arrows.cos" 7

Two previously unavailable funtions will now be possible. The keyboard command Shift + S will repeat the last phrase said by the Hand, and holding down any arrow key will move the world in the corresponding direction.

The Arrows Patch can be downloaded from The Creatures Sub

This agent is compatible with OS X