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This page (titled 'C3DS Archives') showed up in early 2009 and has begun to "host" several breeds, agents, and metarooms for Creatures 3 and Docking Station that it refers to as "lost".

The site seems to contain files from Creatures sites which are not currently functional or files that are not available elsewhere - most notably, files from C2toDS. However, there are some additional agents available, mostly for removing things or altering specific metarooms.

You can find the main site here: http://sites.google.com/site/c3dsarchives/Home

It's advisable to try to download these agents at their original sites first.

Currently included: (as of Feb 15 2009)

  • Trollop's Clover Agent
  • Random's Room
  • Emmental's Dummy Control Agent
  • Ombra Bengals
  • 'Neige Bengals'
  • Geat_Masta's C2 to DS (Incomplete)