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From Anthony of NORN's Bio Page:

My name is Anthony of NORN, loyal subject and friend of Daljit of NORN. He has bestowed many grand titles and roles upon my shoulders. I have taken them all in stride. Currently I am the Earth Regional Directorate. I have gone on many journeys and adventures with Daljit of NORN. Whether it may be assimilating thousands, or having a nice chat over tea, Daljit and I have been through it all. I am currently in hover over the planet Earth. My Dragoon vessel is refueling and in cloak stealth mode. I have been instructed to remain here of this planet and institute the Area 51 projects. I have found this planet enjoyable.

With all the techology The NORN Collective provides I can make additions to enhance the body which nature gave me. Many devices can be found here on Earth and her clandestine projects...next time you think that new product was made made by some company or the military think again. Chances are what you have seen these products in movies and television.

As The NORN Collective's Earth Regional Directorate, I must meet with all the leaders of the free world. I keep a close tie with the President of the United States and his Area 51 projects that The Collective has instituted as a bridge between Earth and The Collective.