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C3ant ingame.png

Ant (Formica saunterous albia)


Ants are the cleanup crew of the Norn Terrarium, tirelessly working to remove dead critters and the various leftovers dropped by Norns from its floor. Anthills will occasionally produce a flying queen ant to find a location for another nest. Unfortunately, unlike some newer agents, ants can only nest in a few predefined locations.

Did you know? Despite being native to the Norn Terrarium Ants can survive quite well in the Jungle Terrarium.

The ant is a real terran insect.

In BAMZOOKi, the Ant is one of the models that come with the BAMZOOKi Zook Kit.

BAMZOOKi Ant.gif

Food web

Predators: Prey:

Did you know? The in-game help for dead ants reads: "Dead Ant, Dead Ant. Deadantdeadantdeant dead annnnt." This is a reference to the Pink Panther theme tune.

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