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Angry Nornito

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In-game screenshot of Angry Nornito

Angry Nornito was a large, angry, red and black norn from the Creatures Online Paris Games Week demo. In the demo, Angry Nornito is a wild norn who invades the Hatchery from the Treehouse. Master Shee teaches the user how to use the Science Kit to calm him down, making the scenario somewhat of a tutorial. Once Angry Nornito calms down, he leaves the Hatchery through the portal. It is unknown if he would have made another in-game appearance.

Even though he referred to himself as Angry Nornito, Nornito is actually unnamed by the game itself. Andrea Di Stefano of Fishing Cactus revealed that the name he refers to himself as is most likely a bug in the game.

Due to his popularity, his spirit was put into a special item for Creatures Online - a chili.