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Ancient Magma Norn

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Ancient Magma Norns

The Ancient Magma Norns are a C3/DS breed made by Erling. Genetics done by Grendel Man. They use the sprites of the original Magma Norn breed, and a modified set of sprites (in ettin slot G), for the old/ancient life stages. Their genetics are a modified version of the original Magma Norn genome. The features are:

  • They take much longer to age than a regular Magma Norns.
  • They still prefer hot areas over cold areas, but they are no longer helped by heat or injured by cold.
  • They need less food than a regular Magma Norn.
  • It takes a lot more slapping to kill an Ancient Magma Norn than it does to a normal Magma Norn.

This breed is available for download here.