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AkaiNeko, Sometimes called AkaiKanan or just Akai, Has been a Creatures fanatic since she was 8 years old when her parents bought her Creatures Adventures for a Christmas present. Since then she has gone on to own all the games except for Creatures Village. Her personal favorite of the games is Creatures 2, though she most regularly plays Creatures 3 docked with DS. Akai's DS screen name is also AkaiNeko, though she goes through accounts frequently because she's horrible at remembering things like passwords. Akai was born on December 22, at 12:22 PM.

Her interests include drawing and writing, and she tries to use these skills to add to the creatures fanbase, albeit unsuccessfully.

Akai lives in Pennsylvania, USA, but is originally from California.

She likes zombies, horror movies, and talking about herself in the third person. Work is implied, but not acknowledged. I'm- She's probobly the least important person on the scene and will probably only be known for what little help I've- She's already done. She also questions why she has a page here to begin with.

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