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.pray.xml is an XML based file format designed as a modern alternative to PRAY source. The standard was developed by GameFreak, but never saw practical use. .pray.xml files are currently only used by MonoTheism.


Current .pray.xml syntax is something like this example, which includes one agent and one inline file.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <author>Agent author's name</author>
    <agnt id="0">
      <name>example agent</name>
        <anim_string>0 1 2 4</anim_string>
        <remove_script type="raw">enum 0 0 0 kill targ next</remove_script>
        <script type="path" no="1">C:\whatever\files\script.cos</script>
        <dependency no="1">
    <file id="1">

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