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D.L. Yomegami

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General Information[edit]

D.L. Yomegami, previously known as Grendel Man, GrendelMan, or Grendel_Man, is a gengineer and agent engineer. As her former name suggests, she is fond of the Grendel species and spends most of her Creatures time playing with them and forging new Grendel genomes with the official CL Genetics Kit. While she isn't as prolific now as she was in the past, her genetic breeds are now of fairly high quality. Yomegami is generally friendly and willing to help out others, but at the same time she's not particularly social and usually isn't first in line to greet newcomers.

D.L. Yomegami is a manager on Creatures Caves (where she goes by the username Yomegami), a member of Creaturetopia, was once a member of Blackstar Dojo, and was once the Vice Administrator of The Official Club Albia Forums.

Her work can be found on her blog, The Realm. In the past it was distributed across a number of websites, such as her section in the Norn Adoption Center, KnyteTrypper's C3/DS Nexus, and Creatures @ CU7.


D.L. Yomegami has made a grand total of over 100 officially released genetic breeds, a sample of which are listed below.

C2 Genomes[edit]

C3/DS Genomes[edit]

C3/DS Breeds[edit]

C3/DS Breed Ideas[edit]