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Yellow Trumpet Plant

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A yellow trumpet plant. Note the dark blue edible fruit.

Yellow Trumpet Plant (or "Yellou Trumpet Fruit" (sic)) is a fruit COB for Creatures 2 that was created by Nina and previously hosted on Iggdrasil. It is injected as a single piece of fruit in the Incubator area; however, unlike Nina's other color variant plant COBs, even though it had sprites and some scripts for one, Version 1.0 of the Yellow Trumpet Fruit could not actually grow into a plant due to the way the original Trumpet Plant works. Version 2.0 on Creatures Caves fixes this by replacing the scripts with those from Trumpet Plant Fix, adds an additional seed sprite, and changes the color of the edible fruits to blue to maintain consistency with the plant sprite. The COB's name is also changed to "Yellow Trumpet Plant" to reflect this. The now-functional plants will grow anywhere a normal Trumpet Plant can.

When consumed, Yellow Trumpet Fruits and Yellow Trumpet Flying Seeds provide:

While the stationary seeds provide:

Version 1.0 of the Yellow Trumpet Plant uses the following class numbers:

  • 2 4 70012
  • 2 25 70012

This assigned species number is above the 65535 limit, meaning their actual species number wraps around to something in the 1-10000 range reserved by Creatures Labs. Although the COB is not known to have any clashes, version 2.0 changes the species numbers to 13901 and 13902.


  • The issues with the Trumpet Plant that prompted the creation of Trumpet Plant Fix were discovered when Jabber was testing this COB. Ultimately, Trumpet Plant Fix exists so that Yellow Trumpet Plant could be made available in a functional state!

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