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YEAR is a CAOS function that returns the number of in-game years that have passed in the world.


Syntax: YEAR

Returns the number of years that have passed in the world - how many times every season has passed. This starts at 0 for a brand-new world.


Typing the following into the CAOS Command Line will return the number of game years passed:

outs vtos year

This could also be used by a very long-lived agent (perhaps a tree that grows very slowly, for example):

**where ov00 is the year the agent was born, ov01 the season, and ov02 the day
setv va99 year
subv va99 ov00
doif va99 eq 2
	doif sean eq ov01
		doif date eq ov02
			**code to grow another stage, or start flowering, etc, here


  • In C2, the first year is 0000 AD, said to be the first chronicled year After Disaster.
  • In C3/DS, the Creature History displays real-world time by default, but if the GAME variable "c3_after_shee_dates" is set to something other than 0 (for example, with the command "setv game "c3_after_shee_dates" 1"), it will use in-game time. The displayed year is set to the current in-game year plus 127, implying that the Shee left Albia over a hundred years before the games - at least on a creature timescale.

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