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Xmas Presents

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Wrapped Xmas Presents

Now your norns can enjoy Christmas time much more than before! This COB injects a Christmas parcel. Either you or your norn can open it, and out will come...surprise!!!

I've added two new presents, the rest are the Creatures originals. One is a toy and the other is a type of food. You'll have to open a present to find out! You can always look at the sprite files, too. But that would wreck the surprise, wouldn't it? :-)

Your norn will be interested in the parcel and will say Merry Xmas in his Norn Language when he touches it.

When a norn pushes the "new toy", he will experience:

When a norn eats the "new food", it has the following effects:

These are the object numbers used by the Xmas Presents.COB:

Xmas present parcel

  • scrp 2 13 65
  • class 34423040

"New toy"

  • scrp 2 13 66
  • class 34423296

"New food"

  • scrp 2 6 65
  • class 33964288