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xRAINxOFxBLOODx (also known as Rain and eXPire) began playing C2 when she was 12 or so (her brother was worried she would cry when her norns died so she had to steal the disk). She played for a couple years, downloading many cobs and norn breeds until she rolled her office chair over the CD and broke it. Her brother then tried to cheer her up by getting C3 for her. She later downloaded DS and was lucky enough to be in time to make an account (which is also xRAINxOFxBLOODx). It wasn't until a while after she started playing C3 and DS that she became an active member of the creatures community. She is the author of the creatures fanfiction Chronicles of the Libra and an untitled non-creatures related work she simply called "My Masterpiece", as well as the artist for the Candyland metaroom, all of which are on hold indefinitely (except the masterpiece, that's finished). She can often be seen in the CC Chat and occasionally mentions her cat, Winterfoot, any anime she may be watching, and her love of the Creatures Community. She claims to be incapable of "wrapping her head around coding", and so has given up on learning.

  • Chronicles of the Libra (on hold) (down, formerly at creaturescaves.com/forum/viewTopic.php?ID=3250)
  • "My Masterpiece"(completed) (down, formerly at creaturescaves.com/forum/viewTopic.php?ID=3452)
  • Candyland Metaroom (on hold) (down, formerly at creaturescaves.com/forum/viewTopic.php?ID=3352)