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World Switcher

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Making a new world with the world switcher.

The World Switcher for Creatures 2 was a tool included in Life Kit #1 and Creatures 2 Deluxe that permitted multiple worlds and switching between those worlds. This allowed for much easier experimentation. The World Switcher is already included with The Albian Years, Creatures Triple Pack and Creatures World, so it does not need to be downloaded separately.

On loading, the World Switcher presents a list of named worlds that can be clicked on to play. When creating a new world, a password can be specified. Note that some versions, on some computers, including the Steam and GOG versions, have a bug where the World Switcher mistakenly thinks that worlds created without passwords require one, making it impossible to load the world. This can be worked around by giving all worlds a very short password such as 'a'.