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Working Oven

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Creatures 1 COB
Working Oven

Working Oven

Creator Freya
Download link Download at Creatures Caves
Download mirror Wayback Machine archive download (Mar 24 2002)
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The Working Oven comes in two parts. Part one consists of a fireplace that stops your norns from freezing. The cool bit is that it doesn't increase hotness, only decreases coldness so you can let your norns stay in front of it as long as you like. There's also a woodcarrier that upon pressing will renew the fire.

Part two is an oven that dispenses 5 types of food in a random order.

Part One[edit]

When your norn stands in front of the fire it will receive:

When the fire has burned down to coals, the amounts above will decrease.

Part Two[edit]

Part two (stay with me, there´s lots to come:) is an oven that dispenses 5 types of food in a random order. The food types are (or skip this if you´d rather be surprised):

Vegetarian pie[edit]

(you didn´t think I´d feed them *meat*, did you? *yuck*)

Fruit pastry[edit]


Chocolate muffin[edit]

Grendel jelly[edit]

Part two also injects a "front" to the oven that makes it look more realistic.

The ovenroom cob will inject three new rooms in Albia, one above the oven so you´re able to place things there; and two "inside" of the oven. IMPORTANT NOTE: I still don´t know how to make a remover for rooms, so if you inject them you´re stuck with them. Injecting them is optional; they´re not needed for the other 2 cobs to work.

The Working Oven is included in Terra Nornia.