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Wopsy's Creatures Stuffs

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Jennie's Creatures Stuffs

This site formerly known as Jennies Creatures Stuffs, once tagged MoopSoft.

  • Web address: wopsy.wopstick.com (down; archive)
  • Webmaster: Jennie
  • Ran from/to dates: 2003 (?) - 2008 (?)

Summary of Content[edit]

Many oddities for Creatures 3/Docking Station, including the mutli-featured Devthing, Harry, the Gay Norns and Aquanornia. Also contains several CAOS tutorials:

Recently updated with a new layout, and many old sources/programs previously unreleased, and some new CCSF_2006 items.


Site moved from wopsy.wopstick.com/jcs/oldindex.html to its most recent location in August 2006.| Site moved from wwddfd.com to wopstick.com in July 2006.|