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The Wolfmate is an agent made by Markham Carroll to facilitate wolfling runs:

Every 10 minutes it goes through all your Norns and checks for breeding problems. If one exists, the button turns red, the game pauses, and if fastmode is active, it returns to normal speed. The number below the button is the minimum population limit. It can't be less than 0, or more than the population limit.
Possible breeding problems are:
  • There are less norns than the number below the big button.
  • All Norns of a certain gender have died off, or are too old to breed.
New in 2.0:
  • The option to pause only when all eggs are gone if population is less than desired.
  • You can now automatically export old Norns.

The Wolfmate is available to download from an archive of Markham's Norn Land and also from Eemfoo.org.

This agent is compatible with OS X