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Wolfling Vendor

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Wolfling Vendor and its edible products

The Wolfling Vendor was specifically made for Wolfling runs. It dispenses food, fruit, and seeds, depending on how hungry creatures are. Depending on which buttons are turned on, it will automatically create Giant Pecan Seeds, Rainbow Cheese and/or Candyfruit. Edibles can be dispensed manually by clicking on the vendor itself with the hand. Edibles have a finite lifespan, and will decay over time. The top button is for fruit, the left is for food, and the right button is for seeds. The vendor itself is invisible to creatures, so they cannot activate it on their own, and it floats, so you can place the Wolfling Vendor anywhere.

The Wolfling Vendor was created by Hausmouse and is hosted at Hausmouse's Creatures 3 Page, and also at Eemfoo.org.

This agent is compatible with OS X