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Wispy Norn

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Wispy Norn male
Wispy Norn female

The Wispy Norns are a genetic breed for C3/DS, created for Christoph by Marcus K. as part of Aktion Wunschzettel. They are best described as "completely fluffy, with orange legs", and have a very timid and kind nature. They bring with them a multicoloured and unnatural food!

Wispy Norns require Bengal, Bruin, Dream and Magma Norn sprites to be installed to display correctly, but will work without them. The Grey Champ Grendels were created especially to go with them, as they are rather vulnerable to more predatory grendels.

The Wispy Norns can be downloaded from Eemfoo.org. They must be injected like any other agent, rather than being laid by Muco or the Norn Egg Layer.