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While My Fur is Blue...

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While My Fur is Blue... is yet another story by KC11. It follows the life of a Bondi Norn by the name of Jutus, and shows how he overcomes stereotypes of his kind as being lazy and weak. Many mini adventures happen in this long story, such as situations with a friend Toxic Norn and Treehugger Norn and encounters with Ettins and Grendels, as well as with a female Hardman Norn named Harma. You can find it at KC11's Norn Site.


  • Jutus: The main character, a Bondi Norn. Overcomes stereotypes of his kind.
  • Harma - A female Hardman Norn that Jutus falls for.
  • Reak - A Toxic Norn who is one of Jutus's best friends.
  • Trenda - Another one of Jutus's best friends. A female Treehugger norn. Rather likes Reak.
  • Laz - Jutus's father.
  • Craza - Jutus's mother.
  • Hark - Harma's father.
  • GARRG!! - A Grendel they encounter and train to be a big, but harmless, dummy.
  • The Emms - A gang of Norns.
  • GREE - The gang of Grendels that GARRG!! came from and that the group have to fight off.
  • Yen - An Ettin.