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Western Ocean

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The Western Ocean or Dark Ocean is a reference to Creatures 2 Albia. It's a large body of water to the far west of the incubator room. A yellow rubber dinghy floats on the pier next to it, and in its depths swim Zander Fish. Occasionally Borland can be sighted in this ocean's dark waters.

Icebergs may form on the surface of the ocean during Winter. Contrary to the in-game documentation, it doesn't appear possible for creatures to walk over them to reach the other side.

The Western Ocean does not make a good home for MerNorns, as its floor is quite uneven, and may cause them to get stuck. There is also very little room for them to move around. However, if you really must keep Mernorns in the Western Ocean, it is recommended that you use the Sea Ledge and the Ocean Expansion Pack, by Helen, to even out the floor and add more space for them.

Flora and Fauna[edit]

Native Critters:

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