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Waterbender Norn

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Waterbender Norns

General Information[edit]


Grendel Man's Waterbender Norns would rather live under the sea where it is cool, than to live on land. After they hatch, they start sneezing and coughing, but this is a reaction to being hot. After being in water for a few minutes, it stops. Coldness also reduces injury levels, but hotness will increase them (if they are injured). Other features of the genome:

  • They eat critters and bugs sometimes, but really prefer to be vegetarians.
  • They are mostly peaceful. However, when attacked, they will fight back.
  • They are slightly more fragile then normal norns when it comes to being hit by another creature.
  • They want to go down when out of water.
  • They also want to go down when in pain or hot.
  • They use the sprites of the Fimbul Norns (Grendel T).

The Waterbender Norns were a featured download at KnyteTrypper's C3/DS Nexus, however they are now available at The Realm, in the "CU7 Norn Breeds" pack.